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Many aspects of estate planning have to do with death, and few people want to think about the end of their life. In many cases, people will put off estate planning or avoid writing their last will and testament because they believe it is too difficult or unpleasant. However, delaying the process can mean your loved ones are stuck with extra expenses and stressful proceedings after your death.

In Ohio, there are "default rules" concerning estates - laws that dictate who will inherit your property after you pass away. Unless you use estate planning tools to make your own choices in writing, your property may not go to the people you want it to go to.

Prepare for the Future and Protect Your Loved Ones

At Godbey Law, we help our clients gain peace of mind by preparing for the future and setting up important protections for their loved ones. We are highly strategic and thorough in developing plans that will enable you to distribute your assets, prevent family conflicts, avoid taxes and make sure that your choices about medical treatment are honored. A good estate plan can include:

Many people tend to have many questions regarding estate planning, such questions include:

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If you are unsure where to begin, contact us for a free consultation with an experienced lawyer who can review your situation and advise you regarding your options. The attorneys of Godbey Law can help you develop or fine-tune a customized estate plan that will protect your family, safeguard your assets and provide important tax protections.