Do I Need A Trust?

Find the Estate Tools That Are Right for You

Every individual and family is different, and good estate planning will always reflect this. For some people, a trust can be an excellent estate planning tool to help them provide for important future needs, reduce tax liabilities and avoid difficulties with probate, while others will benefit from the use of different estate planning methods. If you have questions about trusts, the important thing is to work with a professional to find solutions that will meet your needs.

At Godbey Law, our attorneys understand how all types of trusts work, and we can advise you regarding whether a trust will help you achieve your particular goals. If you are wondering, "Do I need a trust?" we can help you explore estate planning tools such as:

  • Living trusts that enable you to put your house, your money and your other assets into the hands of a trustee
  • Special needs trusts or supplemental needs trusts for children, parents or other relatives with special needs
  • Charitable trusts, marital deduction ("A/B") trusts and family trusts
  • Revocable and irrevocable trusts

If adequate assets exist to justify funding for a trust, you may be able to fund family needs well into the future or provide an inheritance that can be distributed to your heirs over time. A trust may also enable you to avoid probate and reduce or eliminate your estate tax exposure.

Contact an Experienced Ohio Trust Lawyer

Every estate is different, and every family is different. The Cincinnati attorneys of Godbey Law can advise you regarding trusts and other estate planning tools. In your plans to protect your family, safeguard your assets and provide important tax protections, a trust may or may not be helpful. Contact us to consult a lawyer who can assess your situation and advise you on your options.