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Should I Sign a Severance Agreement?

Almost always, severance agreements contain language that waives an employee's right to file suit on Title VII claims and other employee discrimination statutes. Sometimes these agreements are also referred to as "separation agreements." Thus, if you believe your employer may have terminated you for an unlawful purpose, you should likely not rush to sign that document for two weeks of severance pay. After all, one more paycheck is hardly worth signing away your ability to bring a successful discrimination suit.

Do Government Employees Have 1st Amendment Rights?

Yes. But a government employee's 1st amendments rights are not necessarily absolute. "The First Amendment generally prohibits government officials from dismissing or demoting an employee because of the employee's engagement in constitutionally protected political activity." Heffernan v. City of Paterson, 14-1280 (U.S. 2016). In fact, in Heffernan, the Supreme Court held that even perceived engagement in protected activity is protected. (Id.)

Am I Happy that I Practice Law?

Yes I am. If you are an attorney, I am quite sure you have had to deal with many jokes and snide comments about what you do. Undoubtedly, there are people in this country holding the belief that we are responsible for a majority of evils in the world. Well, not only do I believe we are not all bad, I hold the firm belief that we are good.

Where Does the Fault Lie - A Discussion of Accident Liability

The first step an experienced automobile accident lawyer undertakes while representing an injured individual is determining who is responsible. In the majority of car accident cases, one driver is more to blame than the other. Although some injuries are the result of intentional acts, most car accidents are the result of one parties negligence. Simply put, a driver is negligent when he or she fails to exercise ordinary care. Ordinary care is that which a reasonably prudent person would exercise in the same or similar circumstances.

Should you hire an attorney if you are injured in an accident?

It is natural to think that a person who causes you harm or their insurance company will fully compensate you for your injury. Unfortunately, full compensation is a rarity. Insurance companies have been the beneficiaries of huge profits after they have implemented schemes designed to undercompensate those injured by their insured. Insurance companies know that when a party does not have a lawyer they are ripe to be taken advantage of.

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