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Immigration Issues on the Rise in Cincinnati

On Behalf of | Aug 20, 2007 | Immigration|

It seems like the word “immigration” is on the tip of everyone’s tongue these days in Cincinnati, Ohio. No matter which side of the debate you stand on, one thing is clear: immigration topics are hotter than the recent weather.

One need look no further than the pages of our local newspaper. The Enquirer has recently dedicated numerous front pages of its Sunday edition to reporting on immigration issues. First, the Enquirer followed the story of Maha Dakar, a Palestinian immigrant and mother of four, who is facing deportation to Jordan in October. (For more on her story, click here.)

More recently, The Enquirer offered an objective overview of the U.S. immigration system. The Enquirer found that the U.S. immigration system is so complex, and so difficult to correctly navigate, that it is almost “universally described as broken.” (For more on this report, click here.)

If you or someone you know needs help navigating through this difficult system, call us today for a free consultation. We have experienced, licensed attorneys who can help you through the immigration “maze” and we would be happy to answer any of your questions.

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