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Why You Should Be Careful When Choosing an Attorney to Handle Your Adoption

On Behalf of | Feb 4, 2009 | Adoption

A Campbell County, Kentucky Jury found an attorney liable to her client for malpractice after the attorney was accused of selling babies. The attorney, Carolyn Arnett of Louisville, failed to tell the mother giving her child up for adoption that, in addition to being an attorney, she was also the owner of the for-profit adoption agency being recommended. The child, who was given to a Wisconsin couple 8 days after birth and reared by them until she was two years old now resides in Egypt with her biological father.

Read more about it in this article: “Jury says attorney committed malpractice.”

A dedicated attorney who is in it for the client and not the bottom line is your ticket to a successful adoption. Please call the experienced adoption attorneys at Mark Godbey & Associates for a free initial consultation.

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