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Weigh All Options in Choosing a Divorce Attorney

On Behalf of | Apr 18, 2012 | Divorce

The most recent statistics indicate that almost 50 percent of U.S. marriages end in divorce. Although this figure includes men and women who have been married before, the numbers are still staggering.

It is an unfortunate reality in our society that dissolution of marriage and divorce is almost cliché. Numerous factors are cited for this. There is a common belief that divorce is easy these days, allowing couples to bail out of marriage at the first sign of trouble, instead of working to resolve their issues.

In addition, economic concerns have taken center stage in recent years. A family’s financial situation can at times be a point of contention, which in turn causes a couple to pull apart. Other factors such as drug addiction, abuse and infidelity can also play major roles in the decision by a spouse to contact a divorce attorney.

Attempting to Survive through Tough Times

Irreconcilable differences or a clear violation of marital vows might be seen as circumstances that a marriage cannot survive. Â However, if there is even a flicker of hope that you can make things work, it is wise to make an effort to salvage your marriage. Marital counseling is a good place to start when trying to put the pieces back together.

If All Else Fails

If you make the decision to divorce, securing a good divorce attorney to represent and protect your rights is the next step. Because divorce law varies by state and even by county, it is wise to hire an experienced, reputable divorce lawyer that is well-versed in the local laws.

After a preliminary investigation, the attorney will file the necessary paperwork and legal ation to get divorce or dissolution proceedings underway. Multiple factors such as child support requirements and the division of assets must be resolved before a divorce settlement can be reached. A good divorce attorney will help smooth this process and soften the blow for all parties involved.