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General Practice Law Firms Can Still Specialize in Multiple Areas

On Behalf of | Jul 23, 2012 | Legal Help

There are a vast number of areas of law in which an attorney can focus his or her practice. From the divorce attorney to the less-recognized encryption lawyer, law professionals may tailor their careers toward specific fields of interest or develop expertise in a wider spectrum of practice areas.

Attorneys who are proficient in a number of different legal areas are referred to as general practice lawyers. This is a rarity these days. In order to be good at what they do, most attorneys specialize in one or two areas of law. However, general practice law firms will have several lawyers whose areas of legal expertise overlap, compliment or reinforce one another; thereby providing coverage for most client necessities.

Building Around a Practice Area

Many general practices service a wide variety of legal needs around a specific but broad area of focus. Most of these more prevalent areas encompass multiple facets. Some examples include:

Civil Litigation: Personal injury, probate disputes, medical malpractice and workers’ compensation are just a few examples of case types falling into the civil litigation category. Judgments for this type of legal litigation generally involve financial compensation. Most law firms will include at least one experienced personal injury attorney who specializes in tort law.

Bankruptcy Law: This is a very popular practice area, especially when the economy is sagging. When a corporation or individual finds it necessary to file bankruptcy, a bankruptcy attorney will guide them through this sometimes confusing and complicated process.

Criminal Law: This all-encompassing area calls for the criminal defense attorney to represent those accused of committing a crime. Whether the charges relate to alleged traffic violations, domestic violence or murder, the criminal attorney’s job is to optimize the outcome of the case in the favor of their client.

Regardless of the nature of a client’s business, general law practices are built upon versatility and their ability to provide legal counsel for a wide assortment of issues.



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