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Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Criminal Defense Lawyer

On Behalf of | Oct 29, 2013 | Criminal

If you have been charged with a crime, it is critical to recognize the potential impact on you now and in the future. Crimes can lead to jail time, fines, driver’s license suspension, home incarceration, and can even influence your job search in the future. Hiring the right criminal defense attorney to represent you can make a big difference. Â Be prepared to ask questions of your potential criminal defense lawyer.

What’s Your Background In Handling These Issues?

Has the attorney handled cases like yours before? If so, what was the success rate? What factors are important in these cases? Asking these questions can give you a sense of whether your attorney is comfortable with your case, well-versed in the laws and regulations surrounding it, and confident in his or her ability to manage your case effectively. The attorney should be able to speak relatively easily about the subject matter and have some recommendations in your first meeting.

Will You Be Personally Managing My Case?

It can be a big surprise if you meet with an attorney you like, only to find out later that he or she is not actually working on your case. Some attorneys might outsource your case to other lawyers or use paralegals and other staff to manage it. If your crime is serious or you want one-on-one attention, ask this question to weed out those who won’t work on it personally.

What defenses and problems do you see for my case?

A good attorney is able to see both sides of the story. This will ultimately help you in your own case approach and preparation. Make sure your lawyer is able to see potential challenges and walk you through how you might overcome them. An experienced criminal attorney will be able to understand strategic approaches as well as the relevant law for your specific issue.