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How Can You Keep Your Impending Divorce From Turning Into an Ugly Battle?

On Behalf of | Jan 21, 2014 | Divorce

Your worst fear might be to have your divorce turn ugly right before your eyes, especially where children are involved. Consider these few tips that can help you eliminate your concerns about an ugly battle in court:

Attempt Mediation

If you believe that you and your partner can come to an agreement on the majority of issues, opt for mediation prior to entering the court system. It’s a more private and confidential setting where you can work with a trained mediator (typically an attorney with a great deal of experience in family law). As a bonus, you can usually resolve your issues much more quickly and without the high expense of courtroom cases.

Speak Through Your Attorney

If talking to your former spouse is painful or just too vicious, you can limit communication by conducting it through attorneys. This way the main points get across without you having to personally engage with your former spouse. Make sure you outline specific details about childcare arrangements early on so there are no unnecessary conversations with your former spouse. Don’t be afraid to rely on your attorney to communicate- he or she likely has years of experience with negotiations in this manner and it will relieve many of your emotional fears.

Make Time For Yourself

Getting caught up in collection, talking with your attorney about strategy and attending court hearings can take its toll on you. Make sure you’re able to set aside some time for yourself where you can decompress. Even if your battle does turn ugly, rely on your support system of family and friends to counsel you through the process. Hiring an attorney with experience in the field is the best way to move your case along.