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Can I Terminate My Probation Early

On Behalf of | May 7, 2014 | Legal Help

Being on probation can make your life very difficult. Often, you must stay in the house except for going to work or school, report to your probation officer frequently, perform community service, attend programs, etc. In Kentucky or Ohio, you can ask to have your probation terminated early. In order to qualify for early termination, certain conditions must usually be met. These conditions include, paying all of your fines and court costs, finishing all hours of community service that you were order to do, or completion of some type of treatment program. If you have met these conditions, and there have been no other arrests, you may file a motion with the court requesting to terminate your probation early. A copy of the motion must be served on the prosecutor and you must appear in court before the judge to verbally make your request. As usual, it is wise to seek help from a good criminal defense lawyer in filing your motion.