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How to Expunge a Misdemeanor Conviction in Ohio

On Behalf of | Feb 13, 2018 | Criminal, Uncategorized

Misdemeanor Expungement in Ohio

Misdemeanor charges can have a severe impact on your life. Potential consequences include jail time, expensive fines, loss of freedom, and burdensome probation requirements. For misdemeanor criminal charges, the degree of the offense determines the type of punishment. Expungement, under Ohio law, can provide an opportunity to “seal” the public record.

Many people falsely believe that misdemeanor convictions automatically drop off of court records (public records) after a few years. Unless a person petitions the court to expunge their misdemeanor criminal record under the Ohio Expungement Statute, the criminal record will always be accessible and available to public inspection. Unless expunged, a misdemeanor conviction can limit your career future and professional opportunities. Professional licenses and employment opportunities can be severely limited.

Due to the complexity of the Ohio Expungement Statute, O.R.C. 2953.32 and 2953.52, the best way to have your misdemeanor criminal record cleared in Ohio is to have an expungement attorney who will go to court with you, or on your behalf. The State of Ohio requires a hearing before the court in every application for misdemeanor expungement. There are several factors that the court considers during your expungement hearing to determine if you meet all requirements under the statute. Additionally, the court must consider evidence of applicant’s rehabilitation, objections raised by the prosecutor, the interest of the applicant in having the record expunged verses the government’s need to maintain the record.

A successful expungement of a criminal record can allow you to deny a conviction when asked by your employer/potential employer. Don’t let a misdemeanor criminal charge ruin your career, your family or your life. Consult a qualified and experienced attorney. Seek legal counsel for your specific matter to understand your options and next steps.

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