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Letter to Our Clients – Celebrating 25 Years

On Behalf of | Sep 15, 2018 | Bankruptcy, Business Law, Criminal, Divorce, Estate Planning, Family law, Small Business

To All Clients of Godbey Law,


Twenty-five years ago today, I came home early to tell my wife (who was pregnant with our first child) that I had quit my job in order to open my own law firm. I have no regrets. Today we celebrate 25 years of legal leadership at Godbey Law.

Thank you to all those attorneys, paralegals and staff who have helped make our firm a success. Every day, you work hard to get our clients the best legal result, while also providing them with the individual attention and personal service they deserve. You all truly care about our clients. I could not do it without you.

I would not have been able to experience success in business without my family. My parents helped shape me into the person I am today, teaching me to work hard, do the right thing, and treat people right. My wife and kids have always supported me, putting up with my long hours and encouraging me during the tough times.

Most importantly, Godbey Law would not be what it is today without you – our clients. Many of you have entrusted us with more than one legal matter during these years. You have referred your family, friends and neighbors to us for representation. It makes our day when we receive a nice thank-you note, an appreciative email, a positive online review, or even a hug from a satisfied client.

As we come to the office each day, all of us at Godbey Law have the same goal in mind – to help our clients through a difficult time in their lives with empathy and the best legal representation. We appreciate and value your loyalty and trust. Thank you for a great 25 years! Here’s to many more!

Mark E. Godbey

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