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Government Law

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Government Accountability

Godbey Law LLC advocates for citizens, who demand their governments abide by Ohio’s Sunshine Law and the United States Constitution. Whether your government is having secret meetings, evading transparency, refusing to produce records, or punishing you for exercising your rights to speak freely, Godbey Law can help you ensure your local government abides by these laws.

Godbey Law LLC has successfully filed suit to hold governments accountable for violating Ohio’s Open Meetings Act and violations of citizens’ 1st Amendment rights, as well as discriminating against people because of race, disability, and other minority status. Click here for articles and videos about our successful law suits on behalf of our clients.

In the United States, the government is supposed to work for the people — not for itself. We help people hold governments accountable. If you believe your government has violated Sunshine Laws or the Constitution, please call our office at 513-241-6650 for a free initial consultation. You may also contact us online.

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