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Ohio intersection dangers that lead to collisions

On Behalf of | Apr 6, 2023 | Automobile Accident

Nearly all Ohio intersection accidents are later determined to have been avoidable. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has published some startling statistics on the topic. Approximately 40% of all collisions occur at intersections, and 96% of them are preventable.

The problem is that you might be cautious and alert behind the wheel, but you have no control over another driver’s behavior. The best you can do is to be aware of the most common issues that often result in intersection collisions and to be watchful for them every time you approach a crossroad.

Drivers who turn without clear visibility often cause collisions

If a small vehicle is traveling behind a big rig, the driver of the smaller vehicle should not proceed into an intersection until the truck has moved on and visibility is clear. For instance, if a truck driver makes a turn at a traffic light, the driver of a car behind it should not proceed until the traffic signal is in full view. If the driver turns simply because the truck has turned, the result may be disastrous, especially if the light is red.

Distracted drivers place you at risk for collisions

Being distracted at the wheel is dangerous while driving but especially so at intersections. Because crossroads are dangerous areas, it requires a high level of alertness and caution to stay safe. A driver who is using a hand-held device, eating and drinking, participating in a work meeting via Bluetooth technology or looking around in the vehicle to find something is manually, cognitively or visually distracted, which increases the chance of a collision.

Stop signs exist for a reason

If you approach an intersection secured by stop signs, then right-of-way rules apply. A driver who fails to stop or yield a right-of-way can cause a collision that results in serious, perhaps even life-threatening or fatal injuries. The same is true for motorists who speed through red lights.

Getting the care you need for recovery

Collisions that occur at Ohio intersections often result in fatality or serious injuries. If you survive such an accident, you may need specialized care during recovery, especially if you have suffered a traumatic brain injury or injuries to your neck or spinal cord. To recover, you might need surgery, physical therapy, neurological support or at-home care assistance from a licensed professional.

You shouldn’t have to pay for these things if your injuries were caused by another driver’s negligence. State law allows recovering victims or family members of deceased victims to seek restitution for their losses.