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Options for those injured in a public place

On Behalf of | Apr 28, 2023 | Personal Injury

In Ohio and across the United States, establishments and properties that offer public access must adhere to certain guidelines and regulations to keep these places safe for visitors. Property under repair, foreign objects in walkways and poor lighting are examples of dangerous conditions that could inflict harm on unsuspecting visitors. However, anyone who suffers personal injury caused by negligence while visiting a public establishment may have options available to aid in their recovery.

Recent personal injury claim

Recently in another state, a lawsuit was filed against the owners of a convenience store after a man was injured in a parking lot. Apparently, the husband and wife who filed the claim were preparing to leave after shopping in the store. According to the lawsuit, the husband was unloading items from a shopping cart into their vehicle when his cart began to roll away.

When the man went to retrieve the cart, he encountered a dimly lit section of the parking lot, which caused him to trip and fall. The man reportedly suffered severe and painful injuries to his shoulder due to his fall, causing the couple to incur thousands of dollars in medical expenses. The plaintiffs claim that the defendants failed to properly maintain the property and that this led to the man being injured. The plaintiffs seek compensatory damages.

Where can victims go for help?

When customers visit a public establishment, the last thing they expect is to be physically harmed. In Ohio, when a person is injured due to the negligence of another party, those injured have the right to pursue legal recourse. By speaking with an experienced personal injury attorney and filing a lawsuit, victims could receive financial relief to help pay medical expenses and recover lost wages.