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2 drivers hospitalized after head-on collision

On Behalf of | May 25, 2023 | Personal Injury

Head-on collisions are often deadly. They occur when two vehicles collide while traveling toward each other from opposite directions. Reportedly, head-on collisions make up only about 2% of all car crashes but account for around 10% of all fatalities. Head-on crashes can happen anywhere and often have devastating consequences.

Accident details

Recently in Unity Township, two drivers were hospitalized after a head-on collision. The crash happened just before 8 a.m. along State Route 170 a few miles south of the Columbiana County line. According to the Ohio State Highway Patrol, an SUV southbound on SR-170 breached the centerline and collided head-on with a northbound SUV.

The impact knocked the northbound SUV off the right side of the road. It overturned and crashed into an electric fence. Authorities said the drivers of both vehicles were seriously hurt and had to be airlifted to an area hospital. Police noted that both drivers were wearing seat belts, but the accident remains under investigation.

Where can victims go for help?

Unfortunately, not all drivers are attentive behind the wheel. The actions of other drivers are completely unpredictable. Those in Ohio who are hurt in car crashes caused by someone else’s negligence may be entitled to monetary relief for damages and injuries suffered. Victims can consult with an experienced personal injury attorney to explore their options for legal recourse.