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Tractor-trailer tires cause crash that kills two people

On Behalf of | Jun 23, 2023 | Automobile Accident

In Ohio and elsewhere, tractor-trailers have the potential to be very dangerous for motorists in passenger vehicles. Due to the size and length of these big rigs, they are more difficult to stop or maneuver. However, it is not only the size of these trucks that makes them dangerous. It is not uncommon for tractor-trailers to transport hazardous materials or heavy cargo. If these trucks and their loads are not properly inspected before hitting the road, serious and deadly accidents could happen. 

Deadly accident blamed on tractor-trailer 

Recently in Miami County, an accident that killed two people and injured two others may have been caused by a tractor-trailer. The incident happened just before noon along Interstate 75 near mile marker 66. Apparently, a set of tandem tires disconnected from a southbound tractor-trailer, crossed the median and entered oncoming northbound traffic. 

According to reports, the tires crashed head-on into a van that was headed north on I-75. First responders said the driver of the van and a passenger were both pronounced dead at the scene of the crash. Two other passengers were taken to a local hospital with serious injuries, reports said. 

Getting help 

Trucking companies and truck drivers are required to properly inspect and maintain their vehicles to prevent accidents like this from happening. Those in Ohio who have suffered injuries or the loss of loved ones in truck accidents caused by negligence have the right to file a lawsuit and seek monetary damages. An experienced and skilled litigator can help victims and families obtain the compensation they rightly deserve.