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Shared parenting benefits both children and parents

On Behalf of | Sep 7, 2023 | Child custody

When parents in Ohio separate, child custody is usually a main area of concern. Study after study has shown that children benefit the most when they have access to both parents following a divorce. Although it may be hard to continue seeing an ex-partner, most parents realize how crucial it is to stay involved in the lives of their children. This is why co-parenting, or shared parenting, has become one of the more popular custody arrangements for families today. Here are some of the many benefits of shared parenting 

Lessening the impact 

A shared parenting custody arrangement often makes the parental separation or divorce less impactful for children. This is especially true if parents live near each other. Shared parenting ensures both parents remain present and nearly as involved as before the separation.  

Shared responsibilities 

Shared parenting ensures that one parent does not bear all the expenses or child-rearing burdens individually. With shared parenting, expenses and day-to-day responsibilities that come with raising children are divided among both parents. Parents also get to cooperate in making the major decisions that pertain to the children’s upbringing. 

Less stress 

A shared parenting arrangement is typically easier for everyone involved. When children see that their parents can have an amicable relationship, it makes a positive impact and instills a sense of security. The many benefits of shared parenting are why more and more parents are choosing this child custody arrangement. Parents in Ohio who have questions or need help with any aspect of child custody can get answers and much-needed legal guidance by meeting with an experienced family law attorney.