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Lawsuit filed after customer was injured in a coffee shop

On Behalf of | Oct 2, 2023 | Personal Injury

Ohio residents should not have to fear for their safety when they visit a public establishment. Yet, thousands of people are injured every year in stores and businesses throughout the country. Ensuring that property is maintained and walkways are free of potential hazards can prevent accidents from happening. However, when neglect contributes to visitors suffering personal injury, business and property owners can be held financially responsible through premises liability claims. 

Personal injury claim 

A woman in another state filed a lawsuit over allegations that dangerous conditions in a coffee shop caused her to fall and suffer injuries. The woman said she visited the coffee shop and encountered a wet floor. Allegedly, there were no signs posted to warn customers of the wet, slippery floor.  

According to the claim, the wet and slick condition of the floor caused the woman to fall and suffer serious injuries. The woman alleges that, due to her fall, she suffered pain, disfigurement, disability, permanent scarring and incurred thousands of dollars in medical expenses. She claims the business failed to inspect the area and created an unreasonably hazardous environment for customers. The plaintiff seeks damages of more than $50,000. 

Options for recourse 

Accidents like this can often be prevented if property owners take simple precautions like removing potential hazards or placing signs that warn customers of the dangerous conditions. Customers in Ohio who suffer personal injury due to hazardous conditions created by neglect in public establishments have the right to speak with an experienced attorney about their options for legal recourse. Damages from a successful claim could help victims pay medical expenses and recoup lost wages.