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Some Problems Need To Go To Court. We Are Prepared For The Fight.

Some conflicts are simply too complicated or contentious for an out-of-court resolution. When Ohio and Kentucky residents find themselves enmeshed in conflict, our attorneys draw on their decades of combined experience to create strong, compelling and trial-worthy arguments. Godbey Law is proud to offer strong legal advocacy both in the court room and throughout the legal process.

Since 2014, we have been a resource for individuals, families and businesses across Ohio and Kentucky. We will gladly sit down with you and discuss your situation in-depth. We craft custom legal solutions. Schedule an appointment at 513-241-6650 or by emailing us.

When Litigation Is Imminent, You Need To Know Your Options

In the midst of conflict, our attorneys understand the nuances of litigation. We have decades of experience working with area courts in all types of litigation, including:

If you are in the midst of legal conflict, there are some things to pay attention to, such as if negotiations begin to hit a wall or if there is substantial monetary risk to you or your business. No matter what situation leads you to consider court, you should do so with full knowledge of the risks and with a strong confidence in your team.

Scheduling Your First Appointment

To speak to our team about your legal situation and find out if litigation really is the best path forward, call our office in Cincinnati at 513-241-6650.