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A criminal record can affect you for life, making it difficult to get jobs, housing, government benefits and firearm permits. Unfortunately, many people don’t realize that a criminal record can include arrests and criminal charges, even if you were acquitted or the charges were dismissed.

At Godbey Law, we represent people throughout the greater Cincinnati area. Our attorneys help people clear their criminal records by applying for expungement. We recommend that you work with one of our lawyers because this process is confusing. Often, the judge has his or her mind made up before you walk into the courtroom. It is important to file a good motion, explaining all the reasons why you should have your record sealed. In 2012, Ohio law was changed to allow for expungement even if you have more than one conviction. We can guide you through this process and increase your chances of getting your expungement.

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When a crime is expunged from your record, you can legally answer “no” to certain questions about having a criminal record. Expunging a record means it will be unavailable to the general public, but law enforcement and some government agencies will still be able to access it.

You may expunge certain misdemeanors and felonies. However, there are some offenses that can’t be expunged in Ohio, including OVI/DUI and many violent crimes and sex crimes. First- and second-degree felonies are also not eligible for expungement.

It is best to speak with a lawyer to learn whether the arrest, charges or convictions on your record may be expunged. These laws are complex and there are many exceptions, so only an experienced attorney should determine your individual eligibility.

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